The weather forecast for Sunday is dry, light cloudy and 19 degrees (so no extreme heat or torrential rain) for the 2018 REX PET HOTEL Flying Fortress Stages which will hopefully see a full entry of 65 starters.  The set up of the stages began last Saturday with the installation of some 300 stakes and recommences on Friday 15th with the delivery and placing of the heavy equipment such as the chicane barriers.  There is a shortage of large straw bales in the UK so this year the event organisers are importing some of the large tyre barriers from Donington Park just for the event.

The Service Area has very limited space so competitors are requested not to bring any non essential vehicles to the event.  Any vehicle that does not need to be in the Service Area will be instructed to park in the adjacent field.  Again, a reminder that this venue is part of a Private Estate and that the Flying Fortress Stages is strictly a non-spectator event.

The competitors briefing is at 8.30am on Sunday and the first car starts at 9.00am.  There will be 8 stages run during the day with the first stage running at 1-minute intervals with stages 2 > 8 starting at 30 second intervals.

The event results are being produced by Matthew Atkinson, ( and live results will be available on-line throughout the day at

For any rally to be successful it needs the support of a large number of officials and marshals.  The organisers of the REX PET HOTEL Flying Fortress Stages are very grateful for all the support they receive from many motor clubs, groups and individuals and we hope that marshals will continue to come and support the event.  You will be very welcome, and we will provide all the necessary information including the stage plans, entry list, time schedule and a refreshment voucher.

So, who will win the 2018 REX PET HOTEL Flying Fortress Stages?

The first thing to note is that there will be a ‘new’ winner of the event in 2018 because none of the previous winners have been able to return.  Until last year, the Flying Fortress Stages had always been won by a crew using a 4 wheel drive car, but in 2017 the event was dominated by a variety of 2 wheel drive cars.  Steve & Cathy Booth in a Mk 1 Escort were leading for most of the event last year,  Tom Walster in his Suzuki Swift took fastest time on 6 of the stages and the event was eventually won by the experienced crew of Bob Lowe and Graham Phillpot in a beautiful Mk 2 Escort.  A full list of entries can be found elsewhere on this website.

Good luck to all the crews.  We hope you have an enjoyable and safe event and we look forward to congratulating all the winners at the end of the event.