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Welcome to the 2022 Rex Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages Rally.  This SV stage rally is held on a former WW2 American 8th Air Force Base which is part of a Private Estate in Northamptonshire.  It has very limited access and facilities, so spectators are not permitted.

The event is a qualifying round of the Clubman Motorsport EMAMC Stage Rally Championship, the Alpha Concrete ANEMMC Stage Rally Championship, the Marsh / Bluefin Sport Stage Rally Championship, the HRCR Mini Sport Cup and the Dukeries MC Championship. The event will offer competitors 51 stage miles in six stages with the first car starting at 09.00.

Volunteer officials and marshals are the power behind motorsport in the UK and are vital for the safe and effective running of events. Dukeries Motor Club is grateful for the continued support for our events from many motor clubs, groups and individuals and hope that they will come and support another enjoyable rally at Grafton.

To make Sunday morning easier for everyone, we’re using the pre-event signing on system introduced during “The Covid Years”.
So, if you’re available and willing to help, please send to me, Jon Leckenby, A.S.A.P. :-
• the marshal registration form (either for your group or as an individual) to help us allocate marshals appropriately.
• the appropriate Over-18 (or Under-18) official’s signing on sheet for each marshal.
• a pic of each marshal’s 2022 Motorsport UK licence, if available (If you’ve recently sent me this for the Leconfield Stages, you don’t need to send it again)
• If you’re organising a group, please forward these attachments to your team.
There will be no marshals signing-on or briefing at the event and all the necessary information including car passes, time schedule and stage plans will be sent out in advance of the event.
– so when you arrive on the day, we’ll just check you in and you can grab some marshals’ goodies
– In addition, each marshal will receive a voucher for a drink and a butty at the catering van in the Service Area – further details to follow – then you can go straight to your post.

Facilities:  There will be Portaloos and Catering facilities on site within the Service Area.

Correspondence  Please send all correspondence, forms etc to me.  · Email: [email protected]
· Home Tel: 01777 817 767   · Mobile: 07747 044 097

Marshals Registration & Sign-On forms and Marshals & Radio Crew Information are below.

Event Officials
Clerk of the Course:  Andy Smith (Motorsport UK Licensed Clerk of the Course)
Deputy Clerks of the Course:  David Baugh and Bob Draper  (Motorsport UK Licensed Clerk of the Course)
Event & Spectator Safety Officer:  Simon Hall
Deputy Event & Spectator Safety Officer:  Steve Gascoigne
Entries Secretary:  Pete Butler   Email: [email protected]
Secretary of the Meeting:  Howard Wilcock  Email: [email protected] (Tel: 0115 9665176)
Marshal Co-ordinator:   Jon Leckenby Email: [email protected] (Tel: 01777 817767)
Chief Medical Officer:  Ray Scott
Chief Scrutineer:  Paul Hewer (Motorsport UK National) 
Environmental Scrutineer:  Richard Moyes (Motorsport UK licensed)
Chief Timekeeper:  Martin Pullan
Event Communications:  Ken Paterson
Child Safeguarding Officer:  Karen Gough

Marshals and Officials Downloads

Marshal & Radio Crew Information

Click on the pdf icon

Marshals Sign-On form (under 18 yrs)

Click on the pdf icon

Marshals Sign-On form (over 18 yrs)

Click on the pdf icon

2022 Marshals Registration Form

Click on the xls icon above to download the Marshals Registration form

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