Dukeries Motor Club are very grateful for the interest from competitors in the 2018 REX PET HOTEL Flying Fortress Stages which received more than 85 entries in less than 24 hours when entries opened.  As the event is limited to a maximum of 65 cars we have created a Reserve list of crews who want to do the event.  Past experience shows that there is likely to be a significant number of withdrawals during the next 5 weeks so it is quite possible that most if not all of the Reserves will get a run. (It is a requirement that competitor and car details are completed before the event and competitors are asked to e-mail (not phone) any missing information to the Entries Secretary).

Thanks to the continued support of the landowner and the enthusiasm of the organising team, the stages have seen further reinstatement since last year. However, space in the Service Area continues to be limited so competitors are requested not to bring any non-essential vehicles or equipment. Please share cars etc.  Access to the venue will be via an Entry Pass that sent out with the Final Instructions.

This event takes place entirely on private land and is NOT open to spectators. 

There is no fuel or water available at the venue and crews should bring sufficient to complete the event. Crews should ensure they bring a fully operable fire extinguisher to have on standby when refuelling the car.

  • Re-fuelling is permitted in the Service Area, but this must be the last operation to be carried out before the vehicles leave. The vehicle should be off any support stands, have all four wheels on the ground, have all other work ceased and have no occupants, when refuelling commences.
  • All sources of ignition must be removed from the area and an appropriate fire response should be prepared.
  • Re-fuelling should be by hand pumping via a sealed hose, rather than from hand held containers.
  • Containers should comply with the relevant British Standard, should be marked “Petroleum Spirit-Highly Flammable” and kept away from any source of ignition. All empty containers must be removed from the venue after the event.
  • All vehicle re-fuelling is to take place in the open air. Smoking and any other sources of ignition, including live electrical items, must be prohibited and a safe area should be enforced with an operative on standby with a fire extinguisher.
  • Refuelling operatives, including those standing by with fire extinguishers, should ensure they are wearing protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection.

Photo is of Steve and Catherine Booth who were leading the 2018 event until a last stage misfire dropped them to 4th.