The weather forecast for Sunday 13th September is dry and sunny and everything is ready for an exciting 2020 REX PET HOTEL Flying Fortress Stages.  However much of the pre event discussion has been around all the Covid-19 mitigation procedures that have been put in place so that the event can happen. Make no mistake, it has been a huge undertaking to put on the event this year and its success will be judged by the actions and reactions of all those taking part – the Officials, Marshals, Competitors and Support Crew – rather than which crew eventually comes out on top.

Having said that, the Flying Fortress Stages has again attracted a full entry including the winners for the past 2 years, David Longfellow & Daniel Ward (Subaru Impreza) who will be starting at number 1 and who are certainly aiming for their hat-trick. However, the competition is tougher than ever this year with Kevin Proctor / Patrick Walsh at 2, Graham Coffey / Marc Fowler at 3 and Steve Finch / Sam Fordham at 4, all in very competitive Ford Fiesta’s, which could be ideal car for the tight and twisty parts of the venue. It is all about avoiding the kerbs!
In particular the crew of Car 2 do have some previous history on Dukeries MC events; Kevin won the Premier Rally in Sherwood Forest in 2000 and again in 2003 whilst Patrick was part of the winning crew on the 2018 Dukeries Rally and the 2019 Donington Rally.

There have been several occasions when a well driven two-wheel drive car can still dominate as was the case in 2017 when Steve & Cathy Booth, seeded at 5, were leading for most of the event in their Mk 1 Escort.

The event results are being produced by Matthew Atkinson, ( and live results will be available on-line throughout the day via the event website   HERE
Again, a reminder that the venue is part of a Private Estate and that the Flying Fortress Stages is strictly a non-spectator event. No wristband = No access.

Good luck to all the crews. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe event.